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Continuous development of power generation skills for solar lithium battery road lamps

With the continuous development of solar lithium battery and street lamp power generation technology, the use of lithium battery's energy saving, environmental protection, safety and other advantages has become the new favorite of urban road lighting occupations, and the market potential is endless.

Solar lithium battery street lamps do not emit CO2 or SO2, nor do they generate noise, solid waste or other pollution. It is one of the most important renewable energy skills at that time.

According to different requests, first, considering practicality and economy, we can choose the solar lithium battery street lamp equipment that is suitable for our area.

In different regions, such as cities or villages, there are different requests for lighting density of solar lithium battery street lamps, but the principle of charging and discharging of solar lithium battery lamps and the basic characteristics of lithium batteries.

Shanghai Ceyuan Industrial (SCI) Ltd. 

ADD: Room 901, No.20, Lane777, West Guangfu Road, Putuo District, Shanghai,China.

Factory ADD: 4th Floor, No. 288, Xinnong Road, Xiuzhou Industrial Park, Jiaxing, 

Contact: Ellie Wang
TEL: +86-573-82753308
Mobile: +8618042017693
FAX: +86-573-82753302

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