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how to calculate how much wattage

LED street light Main applications: trunk road, secondary road, slip road, factory, school, garden, city square, garden and other road lighting.

how to calculate how much wattage

First of all, if the width of the road width of 20 meters of the road, should be regarded as the main road, and bilateral cloth lights Caixing.

Assuming a double row symmetrical cloth, the pole height is at least 1/2 greater than the width of the road, so the pole height is 12-14 meters.

Assuming a 14-meter light pole, the street light installation spacing is generally about three times the height of the pole, so the spacing is at least 40 meters.

40 meters spacing, height of 14 meters, in this case the LED street lamp power to 200W or more power, in order to basically meet the main road lighting requirements.

Road lighting requirements: mainly including the illumination requirements, illumination uniformity requirements of two.

Uniformity generally more than 0.3, the greater the uniformity, indicating that the lights walk more and more lights, the better lighting effect.

Illumination and power and lamp installation height are related. For street lamps, we hope that the greater the better the angle of light, so uniformity can be very good, and can make the distance between the poles to reduce the number of poles installed, cost savings.

If in accordance with the 40 meters spacing, height of 14 meters, power 200W, bilateral cloth, then the illumination is how to calculate it?

This is the first to test the 200W street lights. Because different manufacturers of street lamps, LED lights are not the same, with the same light lens, resulting in the same large power of the total luminous flux is not the same, then the results will make the road illumination is not the same.

To sea lighting 200W, a single luminous flux of 114 or more, the installation of 14 meters height, spacing 40 meters, the average illumination can reach more than 15LUX, uniformity of 0.7 or more.

And these indicators can not reach the main road lighting standards, can only reach the secondary road lighting requirements. To achieve the main road lighting standards, then, almost to use about 240W.

According to the conditions you said above, the average illuminance formula is = φ.μ.N / KBD

φ is the luminous flux, 200W is 200 * 114 = 22800, μ is the use of coefficients, N for the street symmetrical layout, take 2, K for the illumination compensation coefficient of 1.4, B for the road width of 20 meters, D for the street light spacing of 40 meters Coefficient calculated by 0.3, then the final calculated value of the average illumination of 12LUX,Simulation results, we installed 200W LED height of 14 meters, spacing 40 meters, the average illumination can be just above 15LUX, uniformity of 0.8.

And then according to projections, to achieve the standard 20LUX illumination, then the power required at least 240W.

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