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LED floodlight is how to achieve environmental protection and energy saving?

LED flood light is a new generation of compact fluorescent light (normal energy-saving lamps). LED Lantern can be more environmentally friendly, again but there is mercury-free, recyclable, high efficiency, long service life, low attenuation and response speed, color rich colors and so on. Dimming function, stronger than ordinary energy-saving lamps.

Therefore, people often say that LED lamps will become the best choice for road lighting energy-saving. So at this point, LED floodlight is how to achieve environmental protection and energy saving it?

A good energy-efficient LED floodlight should consist of four parts: high quality LED chips, suitable heatsink, constant-current power supply, effective cooling shade.

1. high quality LED chip LED chips of low temperature, high efficiency, high color rendering index and antistatic functions.

2. heat: Although LED cold light source, it is still required. Traditional lighting, with the passage of time, temperature increases.

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