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LED highbay installation should pay attention to what issues?

First, the distribution of the lamp. Rational design of lamps and the installation location, to do light distribution, do not appear dark. Lighting well can make people feel great, light, no fatigue, comfortable working environment. LED highbay should be reasonable construction area where the distribution and selection.

Second, LED workers miner's lamp in installation using of when, to note of is don't put some line to by wrong, because in internal of chip or is some shell including some lamp of design, are is according to steps to of, plus some wire of intervention, so in using of when, main is can is good of for some related of modulation, so only can completed better of a using effect.

Third, when installing LED mining lights, first pay attention to the electrical must be certified, so you can avoid injury this lamp, before installation be sure to check the entire lamp if a certain level of integrity is not installed correctly, the lack of a part is not. And flammable items as far as possible the installation to maintain a certain distance or else there will be some explosion or is not normal to use effect.

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