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What are the main differences between LED lights and solar street lights? What are the advantages and disadvantages?


LED lights and solar street lights are two non-conflicting concept, from two angles on the street lamp description, can be made of LED solar lights.

LED street lamp that is a semiconductor lighting, it is a solid cold light source, with environmental pollution, low power consumption, high luminous efficiency, long life and other characteristics, therefore, LED lights is the best choice for road lighting energy-saving transformation.

Solar street lights for the energy, solar panels during the day to the battery charge, the battery at night to the light source power supply, without complex and expensive pipeline laying, can be adjusted lighting layout, safe and energy-saving pollution, no manual operation stable and reliable, Electricity maintenance.

Shanghai Ceyuan Industrial (SCI) Ltd. 

ADD: Room 901, No.20, Lane777, West Guangfu Road, Putuo District, Shanghai,China.

Factory ADD: 4th Floor, No. 288, Xinnong Road, Xiuzhou Industrial Park, Jiaxing, 

Contact: Ellie Wang
TEL: +86-573-82753308
Mobile: +8618042017693
FAX: +86-573-82753302

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