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LED panel light 4 frequently asked questions

1. package failure

Packaging design or production process quality impairment caused by incorrect components. Encapsulated with epoxy resin, used in LED panel light deterioration problems may occur in the process, which LED panel lamp life declined. Will also cause the index of refraction, light transmittance, hardness, thermal expansion coefficient, permeability, permeability function, fillers and other issues.

2. chip failure

Refers to the failure of the chip itself constitutes a chip failure or other reasons. That's LED panel lights very poor chip suppliers by purchasing quality, so as to control the LED panel light at low prices.

3. electrical overstress failure

If current is LED light source is used (EOS) or static shock damage (ESD) chip, which chip circuit, leading to electrical overstress failure.

4. thermal overstress failure

Important factors affecting the LED optical properties are temperature, it is due on the premise of LED thermal resistance of the system unchanged, package pin solder temperature increases, the junction temperature will also rise, and cause LED failure ahead.

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