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LED panel light in the field of commercial advantage

Dang we today into hotel, and bar, and restaurant, and Cafe in, biography pass of fluorescent like of lamps has been ceased to exists, instead is as LED light of LED panel lamp of large using, this is because it of price very high, practical is strong, except has energy-saving environmental of main advantage outside, its products shape thin, and glow performance good, and life long, so has been for market by accept.

LED panel light in the lighting area of rapid growth, shows than other lamps have incomparable advantages, which have the following advantages "

1 as a point-like light, designer by points, lines, surfaces of flexible design, leading to more innovative visual effects. In the pursuit of beauty in the commercial area of the more prominent features.

2 use a uniform glow of reflective panels and sealed design, combined with high performance light guide plate, and aluminum alloy material. Glow even more extensive lighting. Exterior light, provides superior thermal dissipation, low power, less heat, longer life, which in the field of commercial lighting, quick payback.

3 can be controlled by external controllers for a variety of dynamic programs, regulation and degree of light and shade of the color temperature adjustment. Regulation of flexible regulation are largely meet the requirements of commercial lighting source in the field.

LED panel light lighting technology is a green lighting technology, low power consumption and products do not contain mercury, less waste, making almost no pollution; led lighting has the characteristics of recycled, recyclable, of economic and social development has an important role.

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