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LED panel light should be how to install?

1, bracket-style: just hit the ceiling for a few screw holes, sliding-type ceiling led Panel light boxes installed on the ceiling, fixed on three sides, and then fixed the Panel light to slip-sliding into the installation box, then the four screws on the sides to the frame is good, easy to save time

2, wire hanging: fixed the wait for installation on the ceiling first, lock screws, hanging vertically down, lock the suspension components on the back LED panel light, installation convenience, consumers must pay attention to find out suspension components are factory-standard is optional

3, and embedded: now ceiling Shang installation sheet metal gold slot, again in LED panel lamp back fixed several block to outside highlight of bracket, then will Panel lamp into, makes bracket and ceiling Shang of sheet metal gold slot phase anastomosis, can fixed Yu ceiling Shang, but for various ceiling thickness varies, so need adjustment lamp surface and bracket Zhijian of height, or will caused LED panel lamp loaded good Hou high out or below ceiling surface of phenomenon.

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