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Workshop lighting choice LED highbay those considerations?

1, when selecting the lamp first determines its own illumination, how many Watts, power led high Bay can meet use LED lights that meet their requirements, the brightness intensity will affect the user experience! If you ask people they don't know, you can find some know, or we can provide lighting design, helps you meet the requirements of the lighting LED lamps. Light of God experienced industrial lighting, LED lighting research and development also has its own point of view.

2, select the high quality LED mining lights, including power supply and the quality of the radiator. High quality power supply: also to the illumination provided by the power supply, so that you can decide whether to adopt constant voltage and constant current controller, avoid ballast power grid, with noise and light unstable, and will not cause eye fatigue. Quality radiators and of course the preferred light of Divine Providence industrial lighting aluminum radiator, because LED highbay calorific value, needs a good heat sink material. Using aluminum alloy materials, and LED highbay heavier-than-normal highbay many structures must meet the thermal specification LED, ensure lamp life, LED high Bay case, God save the industrial lighting choices are solid green light of high heat-resistance material, ease of use, can refer to the LED light to understand how to solve thermal problems.

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