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1LED Lights Work

LED the Chinese translation for "light emitting diode", is an electronic device can turn electrical energy into light energy, has the characteristics of the diode. Basic structure of a light emitting semiconductor module, encapsulated in epoxy resin, by pins as the positive and negative electrodes, and plays a supporting role. Led is the core of the p-type semiconductor and components of the n-type semiconductor chips, in the p-type and n-type semiconductor is a transition layer, called the PN section. In some of the semiconductor PN junction, injected minority carriers with most carrier recombination can release excess energy in the form of light, which converts light energy directly. The injection-Electroluminescent principle of diode light emitting diodes, commonly known as LED. When it is in the positive State (that is, both ends plus the forward voltage), electrons begin to move and holes (positively charged ion) combined with radiation and light. Its source near mm PN section interface, the wavelength of the light depends on the material properties and has a different color, usually red, yellow, green, and blue light-emitting diodes. Led brightness through the operating voltage (current) to adjust the size. In the context of a large current, the brightness of the LEDs as the current increases. At present different LEDs emit light of different wavelengths from infrared to blue, and Blu-ray LED coated with phosphor, convert Blu-ray to white-light LED.

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