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Indoor LED Fixtures Light Source Characteristics

The so-called serialization of the premise is modular, led point-like light characteristics, Indoor LED Fixtures so that it can be combined into a variety of shapes to adapt to the use of a variety of lamps, modular design provides the traditional light source can not reach the convenience, Indoor LED Fixtures but at the same time the optical distribution design has put forward higher requirements.

The traditional lighting used in the interior is a wide range of lights, Indoor LED Fixtures spotlights, grille lights, lanterns and chandeliers, such as commercial lighting and home lighting constitute two areas, leading the direction of indoor lighting.

and currently used in indoor lighting LED products are mainly LED cup lights, led floor tiles and other decorative lighting, other common traditional lamps and lanterns are rare application of LED light source, but this piece of market's huge potential is beyond doubt.

With the LED light efficiency and price reduction, Indoor LED Fixtures who first developed a series of products, who will seize the market opportunities.

Due to the electrical characteristics of LED, make it easy to control is a strong point, but in indoor applications, "intelligent control" is still a few of all the artificial control of the integration of the "Integrated control" to replace the title of the false proposition, Indoor LED Fixtures the real intelligent lighting is still vacant, is an opportunity, but also a huge pit.

One of the biggest advantages of LED is easy to control. and can cluster control, in some of the need for programmable power, led intelligent products can provide a series of solutions, containing three primary colors LED lamps and a microprocessor intelligent LED lighting products, Indoor LED Fixtures configuration DMX512 Communication protocol can be run on the ether network.

This provides convenience for the intelligent management of indoor lighting, and also dilutes the disadvantage of using LED lighting to cause too high a cost of initial investment.

Illumination, having undergone a series of evolutions, is slowly becoming a fashion, humanized lighting products become the first choice for people, and LED lighting lamps small size, unlike the traditional light source has a glass shell, and light easy to control, in the appearance of the user-friendly design of the lamp LED lamp manufacturers unlimited play space.

Because of the supercontinuum characteristics of LED, light quality is the most easily ignored by ordinary consumers, unless the use of "lighting passport" this professional instrument measurement, otherwise ordinary people can not be judged by the naked eye, this is the "mirror" of the enterprise's conscience.

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