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Indoor LED Fixtures Lighting Effect

With the gradual maturation of the international LED lighting, Indoor LED Fixtures the Chinese government vigorously promoted, the traditional incandescent, fluorescent light source is gradually replaced, embodied in indoor lighting is particularly obvious. At the same time, electronic control technology, materials, technology development has spawned a large number of excellent LED lighting products, Indoor LED Fixtures for the people's life added more color.

Indoor environment design includes lighting this important composition, good lighting design is conducive to people's physical health and safe and comfortable life. In reality, light is not only to let people see the existence of objects, more is to express space form, create environment atmosphere. Indoor natural light or lighting design in the function to meet the needs of people a variety of activities, but also pay attention to the lighting effect of space.

(1) Residential lighting, Indoor LED Fixtures the purpose of its lighting is nothing more than three: safety, visibility, atmosphere and so on. Most traditional lighting uses incandescent lamps, fluorescent lamp as a light source, such as ceiling lamps, tube lights, panel lights, chandeliers, wall lamps, mirror front lights, table lamps, dining tables, floor lamps, such as the entrance, Xuan, corridor, staircase, living room, bedroom, bathroom, toilet, kitchen, restaurant, study, gymnasium and so on.

(2) Office lighting, its main control points are: Operating surface illuminance, Indoor LED Fixtures glare, comfort and so on. Most of the traditional lighting uses fluorescent lamps such as ceiling lamps, grille lights, grille spotlights, chandeliers, tube lamps, lamps to meet the front, lobby, aisle, centralized office area, Unit Office area, comprehensive Office area, conference room, parking area and other areas of lighting needs.

(3) Commercial lighting, its main demand points: Color index, glare, color temperature, accurate control of light overflow and so on. In traditional lighting, the use of track spotlights, tube lights, grille spotlights, line slot lights, spotlights, light strips, etc. to achieve the central display area, channels and Nakajima, glass display cabinets, commodity display racks, glass windows, changing rooms, Indoor LED Fixtures lounges, cashier and background walls and other areas of lighting needs.

(4) Public places, such as hotels, hospitals, theatres, schools, libraries, stations, museums, gymnasiums, etc., because of their respective needs, but the use of lamps in favor of high lumen output, the power is large. such as efficient grille lights, cast light, Indoor LED Fixtures wall-cast lights, tube lights, spotlights and so on.

Changes in indoor lighting standards. There has always been such a note: First-class enterprises set standards, second-rate enterprises follow suit, three-flow enterprises busy processing. Now the national development of LED lighting standards This together, is not very rigorous, Indoor LED Fixtures most of the reference or plagiarism. Of course not. This is a method, but China such a large market demand, many manufacturers in the design, manufacture of light source, lamps, has been cut into not very deep, enterprises in the market needs, Indoor LED Fixtures the country in the development of unrealistic standards, resulting in vicious competition. For example, the NDRC's bid for the first time, it is ironic, this situation will certainly change with the actual demand.

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