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Indoor LED Fixtures Lighting Effect

With the gradual maturation of the international LED lighting, the Chinese government vigorously promote the traditional incandescent, fluorescent light gradually be replaced, Indoor LED Fixtures reflected in the indoor lighting is particularly evident. At the same time electronic control technology, materials, technology development gave birth to a large number of outstanding LED lighting products for the people's lives to add more color.

The interior environment design consists of an important component of lighting, and good lighting design is beneficial to people's health and safe and comfortable life. Indoor LED Fixtures In reality, light is not just people can see the existence of objects, more is the expression of space form, to create an atmosphere. Indoor natural light or lighting design in the function to meet the needs of a variety of activities, but also attach importance to the lighting effect of space.

(1) the shape will change. Indoor LED Fixtures Traditional lamp form such as downlight, ceiling lamp, high dome lamp, grille lamp plate almost have fixed dimensions, because the traditional light source LED angle, and LED is pointing light, the traditional lamp form is no longer suitable for LED . As for what kind of childlike development, personal feeling has most relations with ergonomics, Indoor LED Fixtures social development has formed too many individualized styles and choices are more and more. Which company out of products more suitable for ergonomics, more suitable for life and the scene needs, coupled with proper marketing. Will occupy the mainstream consumer market, when the market acceptance of high product, naturally formed the industry standard.

(2) installation changes. Now the style of interior decoration has changed with each passing day, see the light is the interior designers and lighting designers are the common pursuit of the goal, a more concise installation will be more conducive to end-consumers. For example, Indoor LED Fixtures the installation of ceiling lamps in Japan is a kind of hanging structure, and domestic ceiling lamps are still using steel nails fixed. Chinese designers will make breakthroughs in this area.

(3) the structure of the lamp changes. Indoor LED Fixtures For end users, the simpler, more DIY lamps will be more and more popular. LED cooling module, with light components, light modules, power-driven module will form a unified. In this way, interior designers, lighting designers, or end users are free to combine.

(4) indoor lighting standards change. There has been such a statement: first-class enterprises set standards, second-rate business to follow suit, third-rate business busy processing. Indoor LED Fixtures Now the country to develop LED lighting standards this piece, not very rigorous, most of the reference or plagiarism. Of course, this is not the time when a method, but China's huge market demand, many manufacturers in the design, manufacture of light, lighting, has been cut into the not very deep, businesses need to do the market, Indoor LED Fixtures the state in the development of unrealistic The standard, resulting in the vicious competition of enterprises. For example, the development and reform commission for the tender, even the first scrap, it is ironic taste, this situation will certainly change with the actual needs.

(5) The cost of lamps and lanterns will change, Indoor LED Fixtures the development of a new industry takes a long time to mature in actual application. Indoor LED Fixtures Now the cost of the chip, the cost of the package and the cost of the lamps and lanterns are obviously high, which will spawn a large number of professionals and Technology to solve this problem. Such as color and color temperature stability, automated assembly line and so on.

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