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Indoor LED Fixtures Precautions For Use

Indoor LED lighting is that we usually say that led energy-saving lamps, it is a big difference with ordinary lights, of course, the biggest difference is energy saving. However, if your home installation of indoor LED lighting, then, you still have to pay attention to some of the indoor LED lighting fixtures on the use of attention.

Indoor LED lighting First of all, indoor LED lighting in the use of time, and not because it can be turned off because of power and frequent opening, so that the damage to energy-saving lamps is very large. Why is this? Because when opened, the moment to produce high pressure, this time is particularly vulnerable to damage the lamps. In general, the switch once equal to 10 hours of energy-saving lamp life, and, when the start of the power consumption is 3 times the normal work.

So, when you open the indoor LED lighting, then try not to close, unless you say, you have to go out, or do not need to turn on the lights for a long time, then you can choose to close.

In addition, the energy-saving lamps should not be used in the dimmable lamps, dimming lamps most of the circuit is the normal sine wave to eliminate a part, thereby reducing the effective value of the output voltage, but this wave makes the energy saving lamp electronic ballast The device can not work.

In short, the above points can be attributed to two points: First, do not frequent switch; Second, do not use in the dimming lamps. I hope this article can let everyone on the indoor LED lighting has a better understanding!

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