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Indoor LED Fixtures Select

What is the indoor LED lighting? Indoor lighting has not only limited to the role of lighting, but also the eyes of the home, more when it played a decorative role. A good lighting, may become a decoration of the soul. Modern interior lighting, not only to consider practical, but also pay attention to appearance, so the choice of indoor lighting is very important. So the choice of indoor lighting more complex. So what is the led indoor lighting, led indoor lighting and outdoor lighting the difference between what?

What is led indoor lighting

Simple understanding led indoor lighting is used for indoor lighting fixtures, led indoor lighting can be a variety of lighting categories, such as table lamps, chandeliers, ceiling lamps and so on are led a member of indoor lighting, and ledled indoor Lighting is made of led technology made of led indoor lighting.

led interior lighting materials

led indoor lighting production of many materials, generally metal, plastic, glass, ceramics, etc., usually longer metal life, corrosion resistance, should not be aging, like the more fashionable iron lamps, long life, but may be due to long time Out of date. General lighting on the metal parts may be slow oxidation, the use of time is usually about 5 years. Plastic lamps use a shorter time, aging faster, heat capacity deformation.

led indoor lighting choice

led indoor lighting selection, not only to consider the shape and price of lamps, but also consider the brightness, and the definition of brightness should be not dazzling, after safe handling, clear and soft light. Should be in accordance with the characteristics of the occupants of their own matching, and should consider the furniture furnishings, wall color and other factors. Lighting the size of the size of the space and have a very close relationship between the purchase, should consider the practicality and put the effect, in order to achieve the integrity of the space and sense of coordination.

ed variety of indoor lighting

led interior lighting a lot of variety, there are chandeliers, ceiling lamps, table lamps, floor lamps, wall lamps, spotlights, etc .; led indoor lighting color is also a lot, colorless, white, pink, light blue, light green, White.

led interior lighting prices

Now on the market led indoor lighting brands, different types, different sizes, so the price is also quite different. In terms of cost-effective, ledled interior lighting prices are the lowest, because it is the most power. The amount of large, then a year to save the electricity can be returned to buy the money.

led interior lighting maintenance

1, regular cleaning led indoor lighting, so as not to accumulate dust in the lamp, affecting the output efficiency.

2, regular replacement of the old lamp, led indoor lighting in the end of life must be replaced.

3, the ceiling, the wall selection of light-colored led indoor lighting, can increase the light reflection, improve the effect of light diffusion to save energy.

led indoor lighting and outdoor lighting the difference between

1. Outdoor lighting and led indoor lighting one of the most prominent difference is that they use the different occasions, one is in the outdoor one is indoors.

2. There is a difference is led indoor lighting has a stronger decorative features, such as chandeliers and lamps, which in the home lighting can play a very strong decorative effect, the atmosphere of the crystal chandelier can definitely make this beautiful indoor The environment to a higher level; and outdoor lighting is not such a strong decorative function.

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