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Indoor LED Fixtures The Development Of The Process

With the international LED lighting gradually mature, Indoor LED Fixtures the Chinese government to vigorously promote the traditional incandescent, fluorescent light source is gradually replaced, reflected in the indoor lighting is particularly evident. Indoor LED Fixtures At the same time electronic control technology, materials, technology development gave birth to a large number of excellent LED lighting products for the people's lives to add more colors. As we all know, because of cultural differences around the world, a variety of indoor lighting standards and the shape of the lamp has long been formed, LED will bring what kind of subversion? Will be the focus of the article discussion.

The interior environment design consists of an important component of lighting, and good lighting design is beneficial to people's health and safe and comfortable life. In reality, Indoor LED Fixtures light is not just people can see the existence of objects, more is the expression of space form, to create an atmosphere. Indoor natural light or lighting design in the function to meet the needs of a variety of activities, but also attach importance to the lighting effect of space.

About in 2000, some parts of China began to produce with the display, indicating the function of LED products, such as some with lights switch, Indoor LED Fixtures signs and other products; about 2002, mobile lighting began to use LED as the main light source; about around 2003 , LED decorative lighting began to sell; about 2004, the main lighting began to use LED. This process and the LED itself has a great relationship in the development of technology, from 5lm / W to the present 150lm / W, the time is very short. Indoor LED Fixtures Traditional lighting design is to separate the light source and lamps, the use of lamps to match a variety of light sources to meet the lighting needs.

In the initial LED lighting applications, Indoor LED Fixtures the light source, bracket, power supply are integrated together, such as the current LED panel lights, LED downlights, LED ceiling lamps, LED track lights, LED flood light, LED wall lights and so on. There are also main replacement route light source, such as LED bulb, LED-PAR lamp, LED-MR16 spotlight, LED fluorescent tube and so on.

Shape will change. The traditional lighting forms such as downlights, ceiling lamps, high ceilings, grille light panels almost always have a fixed size, because the traditional light source angle, and LED is a directional light, the traditional lighting form is not in line with the needs of LED The As for the development of what kind of child's form, personal feeling and ergonomics have a lot of relationship, Indoor LED Fixtures social development has formed too many personalized style, the choice is more and more. Which company out of the product is more suitable for ergonomics, more suitable for life and scenarios required, coupled with appropriate marketing. Will occupy the mainstream consumer market, when the market acceptance of a high degree of products, Indoor LED Fixtures naturally formed the industry standard.

Installation changes. Now the style of interior decoration has been changing, see the light is not the interior designers and lighting designers to pursue the goal, Indoor LED Fixtures more simple installation will be more conducive to end consumers. For example, the installation of the Japanese ceiling is a kind of mount structure, and the domestic ceiling lamp or nail fixed.

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