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Indoor LED Fixtures The Lighting Effect

In a variety of lighting places, the importance of lighting is self-evident. The basic role of the fixture itself is to provide electrical connection with the light source, Indoor LED Fixtures and in general, the user is most concerned about whether the lamp can illuminate the place where we want it to illuminate, whether it makes us feel comfortable; Of the lighting designer, in addition to his familiar with a variety of light body selection, lens and reflective system, but also must be based on the light distribution curve to understand the lamp projection spot quality, calculate the efficiency of the lamp and space at any point The illuminance value, Indoor LED Fixtures which can also calculate the illumination distribution in the spatial region.

The light source in the lamp is the center of the sphere, Indoor LED Fixtures and the profile of the light and the optical axis is used as the plane of the light distribution curve. The light source is the origin of the polar coordinates, with the optical axis of 0 ° axis, the radius of the circle represents the size of the luminous intensity.

The interior environment design consists of an important component of lighting, and good lighting design is beneficial to people's health and safe and comfortable life. Indoor LED Fixtures In reality, light is not just people can see the existence of objects, more is the expression of space form, to create an atmosphere. Indoor natural light or lighting design in the function to meet the needs of a variety of activities, but also attach importance to the lighting effect of space.

(1) residential lighting, Indoor LED Fixtures the purpose of its lighting nothing more than three: security, visual, atmosphere and so on. The traditional lighting in the majority of incandescent, fluorescent light for the composition of lamps such as ceiling lamps, Indoor LED Fixtures downlights, panel lights, chandeliers, wall lamps, mirror lights, table lamps, table lights, floor lamps and other distribution in the entrance, mysterious, corridors, stairs , Bedroom, bathroom, toilet, kitchen, restaurant, study, gym and so on.

(2) office lighting, the main control points are: the operating surface of the illumination, glare, comfort and so on. Most of the traditional lighting, such as ceiling lamps, grille lights, grille lights, chandeliers, downlights, table lamps to meet the front desk, lobby, walkway, Indoor LED Fixtures centralized office area, unit office area, integrated office area, Parking and other areas of the lighting needs.

(3) commercial lighting, its main demand point: color rendering index, glare, color temperature, precise control of light spill. Traditional lighting in the use of track lights, Indoor LED Fixtures downlights, grille spotlights, trunking lights, spotlights, light bar, etc. to achieve the central display area, channel and Nakajima, glass display cabinets, merchandise display rack, glass window, locker room , Lounge, cashier and backdrop and other areas of the lighting needs.

(4) public places, such as hotels, Indoor LED Fixtures hospitals, theaters, schools, libraries, stations, museums, gymnasiums, etc., due to their different needs, but the use of lamps tend to high lumen output, power is too large. Such as efficient grid lights, cast light, wall cast dual-use lights, downlights, spotlights and so on.

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