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LED Street Light Development Of

LED street lamp, which is the most ideal road lighting, LED Street Light with the progress of scientific research and the development of social people's living standards, it will be widely used in the region, so that the sun's rays make the earth can also be used by people. Street design studio need scientific rationality, we need to consider the overall structure of the street, especially the lamp battery research and development, maintenance, and later with the urban environment and road conditions combined to design the overall appearance of the street, LED Street Light combined with practical experience, Optimize the system design, to ensure that LED street lighting normal work.

LED Lamp Controller Optional Tip: To select a high-efficiency charge controller with an MCT charge mode controller to automatically track the maximum current of the solar panel, especially in winter or low light, MCT charge mode is more than 20% of other efficiency Higher; LED Street Light should choose the controller, the controller work less power 24 hours a day because they have the power consumption, will consume a certain amount of energy to 1 mA or less of the power controller the best choice; With two power regulators to choose from, the controller's power regulation has been widely promoted at night pedestrians, can automatically turn off one or two lighting to save electricity, power can also be adjusted for LED lights.

LED lights can be based on photovoltaic power generation, LED Street Light power storage colloid batteries, lighting power consumption of the three steps of the charge distribution, three steps of photovoltaic solar cell radiation in a year of change, the natural battery storage is also different, and Since the set of lighting power controllers is fixed, this will inevitably lead to lighting in some cases. LED Street Light Therefore, the organic LED street lamp design of the entire system configuration is guaranteed 100% of the annual lighting. And with the power storage technology and the adjustment of the lighting power consumption changes, will be the key to achieve a 100% annual street lighting.

LED street lamp cooling technology, the general use of the way for the thermal plate, is a 5mm thick copper plate, in fact, are hot plate, the heat are temperature off; LED Street Light also installed heat sink to heat, but the quality is too heavy. Quality is very important in the street lamp system, because the street lamps are 9m high, if the risk is too heavy, especially in the typhoon, the earthquake may be an accident. LED Street Light There are manufacturers of needle-like heat dissipation technology, needle-like radiator cooling efficiency than the traditional sheet radiator has a very substantial increase, can make LED junction temperature than ordinary radiator 15 ℃ above, and waterproof than ordinary aluminum Radiators are good, LED Street Light while the quality and size also improved. In addition, for high-power LED lamps developed graphite heat sink also has good thermal conductivity and thermal performance.

In general, LED lights work is stable, good quality, and the lamp body cooling is essential. LED Street Light Currently on the market many high-brightness LED street lamp cooling, often using the traditional fin fins (wings) piece of the form of heat, due to fouling and lack of air convection, LED Street Light the cooling effect must not be ideal. LED light source to create LED lamps, LED Street Light from the LED light source, cooling structure, drive, lens and other components, heat is a very important part.

Shanghai Ceyuan Industrial (SCI) Ltd. 

ADD: Room 901, No.20, Lane777, West Guangfu Road, Putuo District, Shanghai,China.

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Contact: Ellie Wang
TEL: +86-573-82753308
Mobile: +8618042017693
FAX: +86-573-82753302

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