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LED Street Light Fast Response Speed

LED street lamp and conventional street lamp is different, LED light source uses Low-voltage DC power supply, by Gan base power type blue light LED and yellow synthesis high efficiency white, has the high efficiency, the safe, the energy saving, the environmental protection, LED Street Light the long life, the response speed is fast, the color index high unique merit, may widely apply High temperature up to 135 degrees, low temperature up to 45 degrees. LED lighting Design has the following requirements:

The use of LED road lamps should be as far as possible using led directional emission characteristics, so that the road lamps in each led directly to the light in each area of the road, LED Street Light and then use the Lamp reflector auxiliary light, to achieve a very reasonable combination of light and road lamps.

It should be said that road lamps to truly comply with Cji-45-2006 and CIE31 and CIE115 standard illuminance and illuminance uniformity requirements, LED Street Light lamps should contain three of light distribution function can be better achieved. and a reflector with a reasonable beam output angle of the LED itself has a good light distribution function.

In the lamp, in accordance with the height of the street lamp and the width of the road to design the installation of each led and the direction of the emission light can achieve a good two light distribution function. The reflector in this type of luminaire is used only as an auxiliary three light distribution method to ensure better uniformity of the illumination of the road.

In the actual road lighting design, LED Street Light can be used in the basic setting of every a LEDs set the direction of the premise, each a LED with spherical universal joint fixed on the luminaire, when the lamp used in different heights and exposure width, can be adjusted through the spherical universal joints to each of the a led direction of the irradiation to achieve satisfactory results.

In determining the power of each a LEDs and the output angle of the beam, according to E (lx) = (CD)/d (m) 2 (light intensity and illuminance distance squared inverse law), each led in the basic selected beam output angle should have the power, and can be adjusted by the power of each led and led drive circuit output to each a different power to make every a LED light output to achieve the estimated value.

LED Street lamp power system is different from the traditional light source, led by the special requirements of constant current drive power supply, is to ensure that its normal work of a major cornerstone, simple switching power supply programs often bring the damage of LED devices.

How to make tightly compressed a group of LED safety, is also an indicator of the investigation of LED lamps. Led to the driving circuit requirements are able to ensure constant current output characteristics, because the LED is working when the junction voltage relatively small area, so ensure that the constant led driving current is basically to ensure that the LED output power constant.

For the current situation of unstable supply voltage in our country, the driving circuit of road lamp LED is very necessary for constant current output, which can ensure the constant output of light and prevent the power running of LED.

In order to make the LED driving circuit show constant flow characteristics, from the output end of the driving circuit to look inside, its output resistance must be high.

When working, the load current is also through the output impedance, if the driving circuit consists of step-down, rectifier filter and DC constant current source circuit or the general switching power supply plus resistor circuit, it must also consume a lot of active power, so these two types of driving circuit in the basic to meet the constant current output, the premise of efficiency is not high.

Our country's road lamps and lanterns, basically uses the HID light source to add the trigger and the inductance ballast mode, this model although has the energy efficiency low and the frequency flicker question. And the use of electronic driving circuit LED lamps, in the field of lighting applications, threatening the plasticity of an important aspect is the Lightning induction problem.

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