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LED Street Light Improving Constantly

At present, China is creating a resource-saving and environment-friendly society, "green lighting" concept is also gradually popular. With the continuous progress of science and technology, the rapid development of semiconductor materials application technology, LED Street Light low-power LED light source has been widely used in landscape lighting, LED Street Light high power LED lights are also more and more attention.

LED (Light Emitting Diode), light-emitting diode, is made of III-Ⅳ compounds, is a solid-state semiconductor devices, it can be directly into the electric light. LED heart is a semiconductor chip, LED Street Light the semiconductor chip consists of three parts, part of the P-type semiconductor, in which the hole inside the dominant position, the other end is the N-type semiconductor. When the current through the wire acting on the wafer, electrons and holes will be pushed to the quantum wells, electrons in the quantum wells with holes combined, LED Street Light and then will be in the form of photon energy, which is the principle of LED light. And the wavelength of light is the color of light, is formed by the formation of P-N knot material.

High-pressure sodium lamp is the use of power, the arc tube between the electrodes at both ends of the arc, due to the high temperature of the arc so that the tube of sodium amalgam heat evaporation into mercury vapor and sodium vapor, cathode electrons in the process of moving to the anode, The atoms of the material, LED Street Light so that the energy generated by ionization or excitation, and then by the excited state to return to the ground state; or from the ionization state into the excited state, and then back to the ground state infinite cycle, LED Street Light this time, the excess energy in the form of optical radiation, It produces light.

High-power LED street lamp is a kind of new illumination way which can realize the lighting demand through the DC low-voltage light-emitting diode group. It has the characteristics of high brightness and good color rendering. In addition, since the input of LED street lamp is low-voltage direct current, Solar energy together, LED Street Light making the solar LED lights become a way to the future of road lighting.

Should be in accordance with the same illumination (brightness) level, close to the lighting quality standards under the premise of both the lighting installation power. High-power lamp (100 ~ 150W) light efficiency of about 80 ~ 1001m / W, and the use of high-power LED (250 ~ 400W) high efficiency, up to 130 ~ 1401m / W, Street lights with 1WLED tube, the light effect are similar, it is appropriate for high-power street lamps and low-power street lights for analysis.

(1) high-power (≥ 250W) lights: high pressure sodium lamp high efficiency, LED Street Light consider the ballast loss, lamp efficiency and track utilization and other three factors, the overall efficiency of 0.55 dollars, the effective light effect of sodium lamp 70 ~ 751m / W; LED Street Light and LED lights effective light effect, the current in the United States is about 621m / W, the best domestic enterprises have reached 56 ~ 581m / W. Therefore, the ancient town of Runjing lights feel for high-power street lamps, the current energy efficiency than the sodium lamp is lower.

(2) low power (≤ 150W) street light: the effective light efficiency of sodium lamp (included in the comprehensive efficiency of 0.55) is about 45 ~ 551m / W, LED Street Light while the LED is still 56 ~ 581m / W dollars, the LED than the sodium lamp can achieve energy saving 10 % ~ 20%, up to 30%. From the analysis, LED Street Light we can see for the branch of the small power (≤ 150W), LED lights than the sodium lamp can save 10% to 30%, while the high power is still less than the energy efficiency of sodium lamps. LED Street Light Therefore, those generally claimed that LED lights than high-pressure sodium lamp energy-saving, and even energy-saving 50%, 60% and other claims, LED Street Light apparently exaggerated and speculation suspected. We should adhere to the scientific analysis, the principle of seeking truth from facts, or easy to mislead the users and the masses.

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