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LED Street Light It Is Better To Have A Rectangle

LED lights with light is to make the light as far as possible to be projected according to the various areas of the road, in line with the requirements of road lighting light distribution, LED lights with light design is accurate in place whether it can replace the traditional one of the key factors.

In order to meet the requirements of the road surface brightness, illumination, uniformity, and as much as possible so that most of the light are distributed on the road surface to improve the utilization of light to reduce unnecessary waste, usually need to LED light distribution, LED Street light output of the light irradiation on the road formed by the light type or spot to rectangle is better

LED light distribution program in the road lighting requirements on the basis of the same time to consider the control of glare and consider the environmental coefficient. LED Street Light For road lighting, the luminous efficiency and light distribution curve is two important parameters, the current LED lights with light the main program has the following basic form

In the power LED manufacturing process, the use of lens technology package can improve the light efficiency, reduce light output loss, change the light output characteristics, LED package lens technology and high-power LED street lighting a light distribution has a certain relationship. Through a good package lens design, LED can get better light output characteristics.

The use of double-headed lens package LED light distribution, LED Street Light can be a single LED light intensity output curve into a "bat wing" shape, in order to further achieve the overall light intensity of the overall output curve of the "bat wing"

LED lights three times the light distribution is in the high-power LED on the basis of the completion of the second light, through a number of LED (unit module) superposition and space arrangement to meet the road lighting average brightness, average illumination and uniformity The request.

LED lights designed with XY-oriented asymmetric rectangular light distribution of the free surface optical components (lens or reflective cup), because the rectangular light distribution in a single LED optical components have been completed, so the entire LED lights only need to align the LED module On the plate can be

Through the LED reflector design to get the street light output characteristics. For a single LED, the XY-axis asymmetric reflector is designed separately. LED Street Light This scheme resembles a planar light distribution, except that a free-form surface reflector is used to obtain a light output close to the "bat wing" shape and a plurality of reflectors And arranged the same can get better road lighting effects.

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