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LED Street Light Research And Development Results

LED Street Light According to the introduction, "The light pole as the carrier of the Internet of things" research and development results, LED Street Light will be expected to bring huge changes in daily life. such as on the lamp rod attached to a variety of sensors and large-background data analysis system, smart lamp can be through a variety of sensors to monitor and collect traffic flow, noise decibels and other data, analysis of congestion trend.

The purpose of science and technology development is to provide people with convenient life. In time, the street lights can "make the most of the use of", LED Street Light according to the weather and the flow of light to control the timing and brightness, lamp posts can help to avoid stagnant water, avoid congestion of choice, can even become a link WiFi access. At that time, the local people through the mobile phone app will be able to access this information in a timely way to make a reasonable choice.

In recent years, the global awareness of energy conservation and environmental protection began to deepen the hearts of people, a variety of renewable resources have gradually been widely paid attention and expectations. A foreign company has designed a new generation system for this purpose, LED Street Light when pedestrians walk from the ground, can generate electricity for use, very energy saving and environmental protection.

It is reported that the ground floor tiles are made of special materials, when a pedestrian through the system will automatically collect the corresponding energy, and through the system into electrical energy stored in the lithium battery system. Finally, LED Street Light the collection of environmentally-friendly electricity will provide electrical support for led streetlights around the road.

News that the current set of floor tile power generation system has been installed in many cities and schools abroad. Among them, European cities such as London have installed the indoor lighting system, and officially put into operation. At the end of last year, Washington, D.C., LED Street Light also installed the outdoor power-generating lighting system, which was said to be the ideal result.

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