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LED Street Light Will Not Cause Environmental Pollution

Most of the street lights in our lives are LED lights, because the LED lights and traditional ordinary street lights are different, LED lights more energy efficient and different from ordinary street lamps, LED lights have a longer life, the most important thing is not Causing environmental pollution. There are a lot of lighting around us to bring us more lighting, and we choose to buy the process which should be more information, for example, no matter what kind of lighting its price is different. LED lights will become the best choice for energy-saving transformation of his power consumption is relatively low luminous efficiency is relatively high, long life, road lighting is the most important part of all of our cities, the traditional street lamps, often using some high-pressure street lights and his The biggest drawback is the loss of energy, and we are worse in the global environment day and night, polluting the air, our countries are developing some clean energy.

LED street lamp power supply began to have a serious shortage of the situation, energy conservation is the world we need to solve the problem. So now the development of some new energy efficient life is relatively long, relatively high color rendering index LED street lighting on urban lighting energy conservation, has a very important significance, road lighting in our lives are closely related, as we accelerate the process of urbanization, street lamps The choice of low power consumption drive characteristics are better, faster response time, seismic capacity is relatively high, practical life is relatively long. Green environmental protection these advantages do not make us use.

LED lights and conventional lights is different from its light source with a number of low-voltage DC power supply, with high efficiency and safety, long life and long life, faster response, the cover of its production of high temperature at 130 degrees, reached minus 45 degrees, and it The characteristics of the light of the one-way, there is no light to ensure the efficiency of light, and even he has a unique secondary optical design, street light, fired to the lighting area to further improve the efficiency of light to achieve the purpose of saving The So many people will choose this LED lights and its price is relatively different, in the purchase process, we should choose a suitable for their own.

LED lights in the manufacture of what needs to meet

1. Light conversion rate of 17%, (per square solar energy of 1000W, the actual utilization efficiency of 170W).

2. The current market lantern lens material for the improved optical materials, transmittance ≥ 93%, temperature -38- +90 degrees.

3. LED street lamp lens, mainly used for LED lights lens, the spot is rectangular, the material is PMMA optical materials, transmittance ≥ 93%, temperature -38- +90 degrees, anti-UV UV `yellowing rate of 30000 hours Change and so on.

4. The average illuminance of the road illumination uniformity is 0.48. Spot ratio 1: 2.

5. Meet the road illumination. (The actual 1/2 center light spot to 25LUX, 1/4 center light intensity to 15LUX, 16 meters away from the minimum light intensity 4LUX, overlapping light intensity of about 6LUX.

6. It has a very good application prospect in the new city lighting. The depth of the dimming, and the color and other features will not change due to dimming.

7. Adapt to humidity: ≤ 95%.

8. Quality assurance: 2 years.

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