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LED Street Light Wind Resistance Level

LED lights compare the advantages of ordinary street lights

Street lights is an indispensable part of our lives, in order to meet the needs of our lives, our street lights from the original ordinary street lights gradually become the current LED lights, LED lights compared to ordinary lights have more benefits, then we For everyone to introduce a brief. The use of high-power LED cold light source, does not damage the irradiated; according to the need to choose different colors of light; use the same way with the traditional spotlights, no need to change the interface; in the open air and high temperature and humidity and other harsh environments; , Environmental protection and energy conservation, long life, maintenance-free.

High brightness: the use of solar modules as a lighting power generation system combined with the best angle design of solar panels for high-power LED to provide adequate energy.

High life: solar cell components and LED life is as high as 20 years.

Energy efficient: the use of solar modules will be converted into solar energy solar energy, no other energy supply, zero emissions, pollution-free.

High intelligence: switch all to achieve automatic control, solar secondary road lights can be less pedestrians in the night, reducing the output power of the light source to save energy.

High safety: low pressure products, no harm to the human body. Light body between the high-strength connection, high wind strength.

High convenience: easy installation, no ditch wiring, can be installed. Our company produces LED lights using high-power LED, colorful, uniform brightness, low power consumption, the average time between failures, easy to install.

Advantages: We are now living in the street lights are mostly LED lights, because the LED lights compared to the traditional street lamp more energy-saving and longer life, then we will briefly introduce the advantages of LED lights. Health care eye: the use of low-voltage constant current drive, no flicker, is a true new generation of eye protection. Energy efficient: power consumption is equal to the brightness of incandescent 1/10, the illumination is 500 lux above, equivalent to 40W incandescent. Green: no mercury pollution, no UV, infrared and thermal radiation, is the real green semiconductor light source. Durable: LED lamp life is 20 times the ordinary street, life of up to 30,000 hours or more. Health and safety: 12V low voltage DC power supply, no risk of electric shock.

Street lights and our lives are closely related, with the development of science and technology in our lives in the street lights are constantly changing, and now we use the most is the LED lights. Next we will tell you about the benefits of using LED lights. LED lights in addition to the basis of the rest of the fasteners are made of 304 stainless steel. All fasteners must have relaxation measures.

LED street lamp lamp material for the die-casting aluminum, non-light source empty bag weight 8KG-9KG.

LED street light wind level: 12 level.

LED has a bright color, long life, low power consumption, small size, photoelectric conversion efficiency advantages, the use of LED as a light source with energy saving, low heat, colorful, easy to control, long life and so on.

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