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Living Room Lamps Should Be How To Choose:

1, because the various family rooms in different room functionality is also different, as part of the family's living room may also serve as the restaurant's role when choosing lamps, to flexible view of reality.

2, in the shape of the lamps and grades, taking into account the coordination and living room atmosphere, second is to strive for elegance and strictly avoid luxury. Living room is the family facade, lighting is too plain and may not reflect your decorating style and slightly shabby, too luxurious may provide visitors with psychological pressure, let go of hands and feet. Living room lighting are neither too dark nor blinding glare, when less of the living room when to turn off the lights, turn on a light Wall lamp. Now, some consumers look forward to idyllic life, the pursuit of artistic conception of the simple, abandon the magnificent Wall lamp and lit candles in the living room, creating candlelight effect. This is style relaxation, but living in a modern city, is cumbersome and tedious.

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