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Outdoor LED Fixtures A Couple Of Things To Notice

The design of outdoor LED lamps should be paid attention to a few problems

Outdoor lighting designers must consider the working environment of outdoor LED lamps

LED outdoor lighting lamps and lanterns is due to the working environment is more complex, the temperature, ultraviolet radiation, humidity, rain rain, dust, chemical gas and other natural conditions, the effect of a long time, will the LED light failure caused by serious problems. Therefore, in the end, outdoor lighting designers should consider the influence of these external environmental factors on LED outdoor lighting.

Outdoor LED lamps should be taken care of in the selection of heat dissipation materials

The shell and radiator are designed to solve the heating problem of LED, which is good, usually aluminum or aluminum alloy, copper or copper alloy, as well as other alloys with good thermal conductivity. Heat dissipation has air convection heat dissipation, strong wind cooling and heat dissipation. (the cooling of jet is also a kind of heat pipe, but the structure is more complicated.) 

Choose what kind of heat dissipation method, have direct effect to the cost of lamps and lanterns, should synthesize consideration, match with design product to choose the best plan.

Chimney design material selection is also vital, currently use a transparent organic glass, PC material, such as traditional chimney is transparent glass products, whether to choose what kind of materials of chimney associated with design of the product positioning, in general, the chimney of outdoor lamps and lanterns is best is one of the traditional glass products, it is long life, make the best choice for high-grade lamps and lanterns. Use transparent material such as plastic, organic glass chimney, the chimney of indoor lamps and lanterns is good, used for outdoor life is limited, because outdoor sunlight, ultraviolet rays, dust, chemical gas chimney aging, the change in the temperature difference between day and night life cut short, and the second is the pollution is not easy to dry clean, reduce chimney transparency affect the light output.

Packaging technology for outdoor LED chips

The current domestic production of LED lamps and lanterns (mainly lamps) are mostly using more than 1 w leds in series, in parallel to assemble, this method is of high thermal resistance is relatively advanced packaging technology products, it is not easy to build a high quality of the lamps and lanterns. Or the modules are assembled in 30W, 50W or even larger modules to achieve the required power. These LED packaging materials can be encapsulated with epoxy resin and are packaged with silica gel. The difference between the two is that the epoxy resin encapsulates the tolerance temperature and the aging time. Silicone encapsulation is well - resistant and should be selected when used.

Multi chip and radiator whole package is better, or use aluminum substrate of silicon chip packaging again through the phase change material or heat fat and radiator are connected, the thermal resistance than with the LED device assembly product is smaller than the thermal resistance of thermal resistance, one to two way more conducive to heat dissipation. Use the lamps and lanterns of LED module, module substrate is commonly copper substrate, its connection with external radiator to use phase change materials is good, or good heat dissipation silicon grease, can guarantee the copper substrate heat in a timely manner to the radiator, if processes is not good, easy to make heat accumulation caused by module chip temperature rise too high, the normal operation of LED chip. The author believes that multi-chip packaging is suitable for ordinary lighting lamps, and the module packaging is suitable for the manufacturing of compact led lamps (such as headlights of auto main lighting).

Research on the design of outdoor LED lamps radiator

Radiator is one of the led lamps and lanterns is the key component, its shape, size, the cooling surface area should be designed to contact to the benefits, the radiator is too small, the led working temperature is too high, affecting the luminous efficiency and life span, the radiator is too big, consumption materials more to increase the product cost and weight, make the product competitive power. It is very important to design the proper led lamp radiator. The design of the radiator has the following parts:

1. Clear the power of LED lights to dissipate heat.

2. Some parameters for the design of the radiator: metal specific heat, thermal conductivity of metal, thermal resistance of the chip, heat resistance of radiator, ambient air resistance and so on. 

3. Determine the type of dispersion, (natural convection heat dissipation, strong wind cooling, heat pipe cooling, and other heat dissipation modes.) From the cost comparison: the natural convection heat dissipation cost is the lowest, the strong wind cooling medium, heat pipe heat dissipation cost is high, the jet refrigeration cost is the highest.

4. Determine the highest working temperature (ambient temperature and temperature rise of lamps) permitted by LED lamps

5. Calculate the volume and heat sink area of the radiator. And determine the shape of the radiator. 

6. The radiator and complete lamps and lanterns, LED headlamp unit synthesis and electricity work eight hours, at room temperature is 39 ℃ to 40 ℃ under the environment of check the temperature of lamps and lanterns, look to whether meet the cooling requirement, to test calculation is correct, if not meet the conditions of use, will recalculate and adjust the parameters.

7. The radiator and the seal of the lampshade to do waterproof, dustproof, chimney and the radiator to anti-aging rubber mat or silicone rubber MATS, with stainless steel bolts, sealed waterproof, dustproof through the above four points for attention, and with reference to our country promulgated the latest outdoor lighting lamps and lanterns of technical specifications, as well as the city road lighting design standards, it is in one of the most essential knowledge for outdoor lighting designers.

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