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Outdoor LED Fixtures Development Trend

With the LED outdoor lighting gradually mature, Outdoor LED Fixtures with "ten city ten thousand" demonstration project pull and the rise of professional stores, outdoor lighting is the first LED lighting products into the application of the sub-area, is a veritable "stealth champion." So, Outdoor LED Fixtures the outdoor lighting industry and the development of the status quo? How will the future development trend?

In the product category, the outdoor functional lighting, including street lamps, tunnel lights and other functional lighting; in the light, Outdoor LED Fixtures the outdoor functional lighting before the lamp and high pressure sodium lamp, and now basically LED light source. From the current mainland China outdoor functional lighting holdings, street lamps, garden lights the largest market capacity, followed by high pole lights and high power cast light, and finally the tunnel lights. As the street lights and tunnel lights are mostly part of the public lighting field, so the development of relatively early and faster.

China's rapid urbanization and energy-saving emission reduction efforts continue to increase, for the future development of LED lights provide a huge potential market. Outdoor LED Fixtures Whether it is outdoor lighting, landscape lighting, or government projects, outdoor commercial lighting, outdoor lighting in recent years, high-speed development for all to see, and "ten city ten thousand" demonstration project to make outdoor lighting market bursts of tide. In early 2009, in order to expand domestic demand, promote the development of China's LED industry, reduce energy consumption, the Chinese Ministry of Science and Technology launched the "ten city ten thousand" demonstration project. Outdoor LED Fixtures In the "ten city ten thousand" demonstration project, driven by 2012 China LED outdoor functional lighting market size reached 8.2 billion, an increase of 61%, which, LED street lamp market size of 4.2 billion, an increase of 43%.

However, the "ten city ten thousand" demonstration project in the course of the outbreak of the "quality door" also makes the industry return to reason: the government "red envelope" bad chewing, outdoor lighting technology is not mature enough, government procurement, EMC model, BT mode Business model is not perfect. It is precisely because the "ten city ten thousand" demonstration project, the market for outdoor lighting technology requirements are getting higher and higher, the volume needs more and more, more and more functions.

In the outdoor lighting, Outdoor LED Fixtures the development potential of the largest street. According to the National Semiconductor Lighting Engineering R & D and Industry Alliance Production Research Department statistics, in 2012, China's LED lights in the amount of about 500 million, an increase of 44.09% over the previous year, accounting for 14% of the total consumption of street lamps. 2013, LED street lamp domestic market penetration rate is reached more than 15%, as China's LED lighting to promote the use of the most representative of the lamps.

Some experts said that by 2015, LED lights will remain about 50% compound annual growth rate, Outdoor LED Fixtures and by 2015, LED lighting in the field of road lighting (mainly street lamps and tunnel lights) the overall penetration rate will reach 46% The next two years will add more than 30 million LED lights and tunnel lights. These are expected to give LED lights to bring greater development potential.

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