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Outdoor LED Fixtures Effect

Outdoor lighting need to withstand long-term snow and ice, Outdoor LED Fixtures wind and rain lightning test, and the higher cost, and because the use of more difficult to repair on the external walls, to meet the requirements of long-term stable work. The LED is a delicate semiconductor components, if the damp, Outdoor LED Fixtures there will be chip moisture absorption, damage to the LED, PcB and other components, therefore, LED suitable for work in dry and low temperature. To ensure that the LED in the harsh outdoor conditions, long-term stable work, lighting waterproof structure design is critical.

At present, the lamp waterproofing technology is divided into two directions: structural waterproof and waterproof material. The so-called structural waterproof, that is, Outdoor LED Fixtures in the product after the combination of structural components, already have a waterproof function. Outdoor LED Fixtures And the material waterproof, it is the product design, leaving the potted plastic sealed electrical components of the location, the assembly with glue material to achieve water

Ultraviolet rays are exposed to the insulation of the wire outside the lamp, Outdoor LED Fixtures the protective coating of the shell, the plastic parts, the potting sealant, the sealing adhesive tape and the adhesive.

After the wire insulation layer is cracked, the water vapor penetrates into the interior of the lamp through the gap of the wire core. After the lamp shell coating aging, Outdoor LED Fixtures the edge of the shell coating crack or peeling, there will be gaps. After the plastic shell is aged, it will crack. Electronic potting colloid aging will produce cracking. Sealed rubber tape aging deformation, Outdoor LED Fixtures there will be gaps. Structural adhesive between the adhesive aging, reduce the adhesion will appear after the gap. Outdoor LED Fixtures These are UV damage to the lamp waterproof capacity.

Outdoor daily changes in temperature. Summer daytime lighting surface temperature can rise to 50 ~ 60 ℃, late to 10 ~ 20 qC, winter ice and snow days can be reduced to zero, the annual temperature difference is greater. Outdoor lighting in the summer high temperature environment, the material accelerated aging deformation. Outdoor LED Fixtures When the temperature drops to zero, the plastic parts become brittle, under the oppression of ice or cracking

Lamp shell thermal expansion and contraction: changes in temperature lead to thermal expansion and contraction of lamps, different materials (such as glass and aluminum) coefficient of linear expansion of the two materials in the junction will appear displacement. Thermal expansion and contraction process is repeated, Outdoor LED Fixtures the relative displacement is also repeated, great damage to the airtight lighting.

Temperature, in the huge negative pressure, the humid air through the light body material on the tiny gap, penetrate into the lamp body, the lower temperature of the lamp shell, Outdoor LED Fixtures condensed into water droplets and gathered. After the temperature decreases, under the action of positive pressure, Outdoor LED Fixtures the air is discharged from the lamp body, but the water droplets are still attached to the lamp. Repeated daily changes in the temperature of the breathing process, more and more water inside the lamp.

Thermal expansion and contraction of the physical changes, Outdoor LED Fixtures so that outdoor LED lighting waterproof design of the gas system into a complex system. The following two types of lighting waterproof system technical characteristics of the analysis, in order to understand its advantages and disadvantages.

With the development of waterproof material technology, various types and brands of lamps for the emergence of special potting, for example, modified epoxy resin, modified polyurethane resin, modified silicone and so on. Chemical formula, potting flexibility, molecular structure stability, adhesion, Outdoor LED Fixtures resistance to uV, heat resistance, low temperature, hydrophobic, insulation performance and other physical and chemical performance indicators vary.

Elasticity: colloid soft, Outdoor LED Fixtures elastic modulus is small, then the adaptability is better. The elastic modulus of the modified silicone is the smallest.

Molecular structural stability: in uV, air and high and low temperature long-term role, Outdoor LED Fixtures the material chemical structure is stable, not aging does not crack. Among them, modified silicone is the most stable.

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