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Outdoor LED Fixtures Of The Precautions

Outdoor led lighting design is different from the indoor lighting, Outdoor LED Fixtures in the design of the technical requirements for higher heat, Outdoor LED Fixtures the first LED network Xiaobian you out of the outdoor LED lighting design of the four points can not be ignored attention.

LED outdoor lighting due to the work environment is more complex, by the temperature, ultraviolet light, humidity, rainy days of rain, dust, chemical gases and other natural conditions, Outdoor LED Fixtures over time, will cause the LED light failure serious problem. So the final consideration, outdoor lighting designers in the design of the time should consider these external environmental factors on the impact of LED outdoor lighting.

Shell and radiator design as one, Outdoor LED Fixtures used to solve the problem of LED heating, this way better, generally use aluminum or aluminum alloy, copper or copper alloy, and other good thermal conductivity of the alloy. Cooling air convection cooling, strong wind cooling and heat pipe cooling, Outdoor LED Fixtures (jet cooling is also similar to a heat pipe heat dissipation, but the structure is more complex.

Radiator is a key part of the led lamp, its shape, Outdoor LED Fixtures volume, heat surface area should be designed to get the benefits, the radiator is too small, led lamp operating temperature is too high, the impact of luminous efficiency and life, radiator too large, The consumption of materials and more increase product costs and weight, so that product 竟争力 decline. Design the appropriate led lamp radiator is essential. Outdoor LED Fixtures The design of the radiator has the following parts:

1. Clear the power of the LED lights need to heat.

2. Design some parameters for the radiator: the specific heat of the metal, the thermal conductivity of the metal, the chip thermal resistance, heat sink thermal resistance, Outdoor LED Fixtures ambient air resistance and so on.

3. Determine the type of use, (natural convection cooling, strong wind cooling, heat pipe cooling, and other heat dissipation methods.) From the cost comparison: natural convection cooling the lowest cost, Outdoor LED Fixtures strong wind cooling medium, heat pipe heat cost is higher, jet cooling The highest cost.

4. Determine the maximum operating temperature (ambient temperature plus lamp permissible temperature) approved by LED lamps,

5. Calculate the volume of the radiator, heat dissipation area. And determine the shape of the radiator.

6. The radiator and LED lights combined into a complete lamp, Outdoor LED Fixtures and power work for more than eight hours, at room temperature 39 ℃ - 40 ℃ environment to check the temperature of the lamp to see if the heat requirements to meet the test to verify the correct, Outdoor LED Fixtures if not To meet the conditions of use, you have to recalculate and adjust the parameters.

7. Radiator and shade seal to be waterproof, dustproof, shade and radiator between the anti-aging rubber pad or silicone rubber pad, with stainless steel bolts fastened, so sealed waterproof, dust through the above four Point of attention, and then refer to China's latest outdoor lighting fixture technical specifications, Outdoor LED Fixtures as well as urban road lighting design standards, which is outdoor lighting designers in the most essential knowledge.

At present, the domestic production of led lamps (mainly street lamps) are mostly using 1W LED string, parallel assembly, this method of thermal resistance than advanced packaging technology products are high, not easy to create high-quality lamps. Or the use of 30W, Outdoor LED Fixtures 50W or even larger modules assembled to achieve the required power, these LED packaging materials useful epoxy resin package, useful silicone package. Outdoor LED Fixtures The difference between the two is: epoxy resin package temperature is poor, a long time easy to aging.

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