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Outdoor LED Fixtures Promotion And Application

With the continuous development of LED technology, promotion and application of LED low energy consumption, high light efficiency, long life, than the traditional light source has a smaller volume and more concentrated light output and other superior performance has been greatly improved, so LED lighting products The market penetration rate also increased year by year, the new LED products will gradually replace the huge energy consumption of the traditional lamp products. Outdoor LED Fixtures As the LED lighting market has great potential, the size of domestic and foreign manufacturers have competing to enter, homogenization of the product after another, Outdoor LED Fixtures resulting in uneven product quality, performance is unstable, become the current pattern of LED industry confusion.

Traditional LED light sources are commonly used in the market, and blue light (wavelength 420nm) is converted to visible light (wavelength 555nm) by yellow phosphor. Blu-ray LED light attenuation is much faster than red, yellow, green LED, and yellow phosphor is very volatile at high temperatures, coupled with exposure to heat and blue light band, yellow phosphor and lens material with time and aging Yellowing, Outdoor LED Fixtures resulting in differences between the color and performance of lamps, lumen maintenance rate is relatively low, and the emergence of light fades, color temperature deviation, light color and other adverse effects. Although most of the LED lamps nominal 50,000 hours of life, often not long after the installation will be more and more light intensity, Outdoor LED Fixtures more and more serious light failure, and even lead to light when the light is not bright, part of the bright part of the phenomenon is not bright.

With the LED chip technology continues to update the development, although not like the previous need for large volume of heat sink to solve the problem of LED cooling, Outdoor LED Fixtures but need to withstand the storms and other adverse weather test of outdoor lighting, the reasonable high level Structural design is still essential.

Outdoor lighting need to withstand long-term snow and ice, wind and rain lightning test, and the higher cost, and because the use of more difficult to repair on the external walls, to meet the requirements of long-term stable work. The LED is a delicate semiconductor components, Outdoor LED Fixtures if damp, there will be chip moisture absorption, damage to the LED, PcB and other components, therefore, LED suitable for work in dry and low temperature. To ensure that the LED in the harsh outdoor conditions, long-term stable work, lighting waterproof structure design is critical.

Outdoor daily temperature changes in the summer daytime lighting surface temperature can rise to 50 ~ 60 ℃, late to 10 ~ 20 qC, winter ice and snow days can be reduced to zero, Outdoor LED Fixtures the annual temperature difference is greater. Outdoor lighting in the summer high temperature environment, the material accelerated aging deformation. When the temperature drops to zero, the plastic parts become brittle, under the oppression of ice or cracking.

The long-term stability of the waterproof structure of the lamp structure is closely related to its design, the performance of the selected lamp material, Outdoor LED Fixtures the machining accuracy and the assembly technology. If the weak link deformation and water, the LED and electronic devices will cause irreversible damage, and this situation in the factory inspection process is difficult to predict, with sudden. Therefore, to improve the reliability of structural waterproof type lighting, need to continue to improve the waterproof technology.

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