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Outdoor LED Fixtures Quality And Craftsmanship

LED point light source, Outdoor LED Fixtures the small product has been demanding, only the various processes, the details are done bit, can guarantee the strong performance of LED point light source, Outdoor LED Fixtures where we want to say is the plug part.

Although your LED light source in other parts of the quality and process are very good, but the waterproof plug, but the front no matter how good the useless. LED lamps are unique specifications for the waterproof plug, because the waterproof plug part of the direct contact as a power supply, Outdoor LED Fixtures the request had to be strict.

First of all, is the effect of waterproof, Outdoor LED Fixtures waterproof plug to achieve IP68 waterproof and dustproof coefficient, material insulation, breakdown voltage greater than 1500V. Operating temperature -40 ℃ ~ 120 ℃, to adapt to a variety of weather conditions, multi-channel waterproof apron interface to preload tight pressure, in the case of thermal expansion and contraction is still well sealed, Outdoor LED Fixtures with high antioxidant, waterproof performance.

With the specifications of the waterproof plug, can greatly reduce the lighting and other safety issues. And some manufacturers, with poor quality waterproof plug, Outdoor LED Fixtures in the interface of the degree of fit, copper specifications, insulation materials are not part of the standard, easy to aging, resulting in frequent water burned the phenomenon, serious may also cause casualties.

With the further development of LED technology, Outdoor LED Fixtures product prices continue to decline, the market gradually opened, more and more lighting products using LED as a light source. Especially in the field of outdoor lighting, high-power LED products become the protagonist of the market.

However, with the increase in LED lighting applications, Outdoor LED Fixtures outdoor LED lights affected by the impact of lightning surge failure is also increasing. According to the survey, in the normal life of the damaged LED outdoor lighting mostly due to lightning surge over the electrical stress failure of the lamp power and LED light source.

For outdoor LED lighting drive power, Outdoor LED Fixtures the use of the environment determines the lightning protection is an important measure of its performance. As mentioned above, Outdoor LED Fixtures lightning protection should be against the "direct lightning", "indirect mine" with protection in order to play a protective effect.

Lightning of the "anti" word, in fact, is wrong with words, there is a fundamental sense of ambiguity. Lightning of the core means is to guide, vent, "anti" is unavoidable. Outdoor LED Fixtures Lightning protection is divided into external lightning protection and internal lightning protection, the general outdoor lighting equipment, because there is no internal circuit (equipment terminal),Outdoor LED Fixtures  so do not need to do internal lightning protection, only need to do a good external lightning, Splitter, lead down, ground.

In the LED lighting industry, Outdoor LED Fixtures each light source front need to use a "drive power", so it has an internal system terminal, then the LED lighting equipment used in outdoor occasions, it is necessary to have a lightning protection device Lightning protection) to do the final protection.

LED flood light to make the designated surface illumination is higher than the surrounding environment lamps. Also known as spotlight. Normally, Outdoor LED Fixtures it can aim in any direction and have a structure that is not affected by climatic conditions. Mainly used for large-scale workplace mine, building contours, Outdoor LED Fixtures stadiums, overpasses, monuments, parks and flower beds. Therefore, almost all of the outdoor use of large areas of lighting can be seen as cast light.

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