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Outdoor LED Fixtures Unique Design

With the LED chip technology continues to update the development, although not like the previous need for large volume of heat sink to solve the problem of LED cooling, Outdoor LED Fixtures but need to withstand the storms and other adverse weather test of outdoor lighting, the reasonable high level Structural design is still essential.

Through a good structural design, Outdoor LED Fixtures we can make high-power lamps can withstand greater wind resistance and reduce the load on the poles, Outdoor LED Fixtures strong vibration resistance, lightweight and safe LED lamps can be installed without having to replace the lamp pole, thus greatly reducing the conversion costs.

Outdoor lighting due to the application of the light distribution of a special professional requirements. Therefore, the light distribution design should be consistent with the actual application requirements.

To street lamps, for example, Outdoor LED Fixtures light distribution design is based on the driver's perspective to consider whether the road light efficiency is sufficient brightness and uniformity to ensure the safety of night driving, to avoid glare and "zebra effect." Ordinary LED street light distribution with more light source distribution, will form a spot and ghosting, two LED lights are likely to produce a dark corner, that is, LED lights "zebra effect."

Led Caoping Deng is used for lighting around the lawn facilities, Outdoor LED Fixtures but also an important landscape facilities. With its unique design and soft lighting, it adds safety and beauty to the urban green landscape, and is convenient for installation and decorative. Outdoor LED Fixtures It can be used in green areas of lawns in public places such as parks, garden villas, pedestrian streets, parking lots and squares. Pitch in the 6 to 10 meters is appropriate. There are also some lawn lights made of chic animals or plants and other simulation modeling, placed in the lawn, as if sculpture as beautiful.

LED outdoor lighting due to the harsh working environment, by the sun and the sun, the sun in the ultraviolet radiation, temperature changes in day and night, Outdoor LED Fixtures the air of dust, chemical gases and other conditions, lighting year after year by the natural aging treatment . The design should take full account of the impact of these factors.

LED controller or use 30W, 50W or even larger modules to assemble, Outdoor LED Fixtures in order to achieve the required power, Outdoor LED Fixtures these LED encapsulation materials are epoxy package, silicone package. The difference between the two is: epoxy resin package temperature is poor, a long time easy to aging. Silicone package is better temperature, the use should pay attention to choice.

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