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Outdoor LED Fixtures Waterproof Technology

Outdoor lighting lamps and lanterns need to withstand the test of the snow and the sun, wind and rain, and the cost is higher, and because the use of the external wall is difficult to repair, to meet the long-term stability of the work. and LED is delicate semiconductor components, if damp, Outdoor LED Fixtures will appear chip moisture phenomenon, damage led, PCB and other components, therefore, Outdoor LED Fixtures the LED suitable for work in dry and low temperature. To ensure the LED in the outdoor harsh conditions for long-term and stable work, the design of waterproof structure of lamps is extremely critical.

At present, the waterproof technology of lamps is mainly divided into two directions: structural waterproofing and material waterproofing. The so-called structural waterproofing, Outdoor LED Fixtures is the product of the various components of the composition, has been waterproof function. and material waterproof, is the product design, leave out potting glue airtight electrical element position, assemble with glue material to realize waterproof. The two waterproof designs are applicable to different product lines, each with advantages

Ultraviolet radiation on the exposed to the lamp outside the wire insulation layer, shell protective coating, plastic parts, potting adhesive, sealing rubber ring adhesive, Outdoor LED Fixtures adhesives have a destructive effect.

After the aging of the insulation layer, the water vapor penetrates into the interior of the luminaire through a gap in the wire core. After the coating of the lamp housing aging, the shell edge coating cracking or stripping, there will be gaps. The plastic shell will deform and crack after aging. Outdoor LED Fixtures The aging of electron potting colloid will cause cracking. Sealing rubber ring Rubber strip aging deformation, there will be gaps. The bonding glue between the structural parts aging, reduce adhesion force will also appear cracks. These are ultraviolet rays on the waterproof ability of the lamp.

The temperature varies greatly in the outdoors every day. Summer daytime lamp surface temperature can rise to 50, night to $number QC, winter ice and snow day temperature can be reduced to below zero, year-round temperature change more. Outdoor lamps in the summer high-temperature environment, Outdoor LED Fixtures materials accelerated aging deformation. When the temperature drops to zero, the plastic parts become brittle, under the pressure of the ice or cracking.

Lamp housing expansion and contraction: temperature changes lead to the expansion and contraction of lamps and lanterns, different materials (such as glass and aluminum profiles) coefficient different, the two materials in the joint will appear displacement. The process of expansion and contraction is repeated, and the relative displacement is repeated, and the air tightness of the luminaire is greatly damaged.

Internal air expansion and contraction: the square on the ground often can be observed to bury the glass of water droplets condensation, and how the water droplets into the lamp filled with potting glue? This is the result of respiration during expansion and contraction.

For example, when the temperature drops from 60 Shan to 10 Shan, the internal pressure of the luminaire is about: 11 (273)/(273) Kong 10. Atm 11. $number M water column

The temperature rises, under the huge negative pressure effect, Outdoor LED Fixtures the moist air passes through the light body material small gap, penetrates the lamp body interior, encounters the low temperature the lamp shell, condenses into the water droplets and gathers. After the temperature is reduced, under the action of positive pressure, the air is discharged from the lamp body, but the water droplets are still attached to the lamp. Daily repeated changes in the temperature of the respiratory process, lamps inside more and more water.

The physical changes of thermal expansion and contraction make outdoor LED lamps waterproof and airtight design become complex systems engineering. The following analysis of the technical characteristics of two kinds of waterproof system for lamps and lanterns in order to understand their advantages and disadvantages.

Based on the design of structural waterproof lamps, Outdoor LED Fixtures close cooperation with silicone seals waterproof, shell structure is more sophisticated and complex, usually suitable for larger size lamps, such as bar floodlight, square and round projection lights, such as high-power lamps.

Structural waterproof lamps only do pure mechanical structure assembly, using simple tools, assembly process and process less, assembly cycle is short, the production line to repair convenient and fast. Lamp through electrical performance and waterproof test, can be packaged delivery, suitable for short supply cycle of the project.

However, the design of structural waterproofing lamps and lanterns processing requirements are higher, the size of each part must be precise cooperation. Only suitable materials and structures can ensure their waterproof performance, the following design points.

(1) Design silicone waterproof ring, select the appropriate hardness of materials, design the appropriate pressure, its cross-section shape is also very important. Outdoor LED Fixtures Cable Introduction line is a permeable channel, the need to choose waterproof wire, and the use of strong cable waterproof fixed head (PG Head), can prevent water vapor from the cable core gap infiltration, but the premise is that the wire insulation layer in the PG head of long-term strong extrusion without aging does not crack.

(2) At room temperature, glass coefficient about 7.2 X 10 (M K k), aluminum alloy approx. 2x1 01 M S (M K k), the difference is big. The outside size of the luminaire should be considered seriously. Suppose the lamp length is 1 $number mm, the day shell temperature is 60 Shan, rain or night the temperature drops to 10 Shan, temperature drop 50 Shan, glass and aluminum profiles will shrink 0 respectively. mm and 1. MM, Outdoor LED Fixtures the relative displacement is O. 8 mm, the sealing element repeatedly pulls in the process of repetitive displacement, which affects the tightness.

(3) Many of the high-power outdoor LED lamps and lanterns can be installed waterproof air valve (respirator) using the molecular sieve in the respirator waterproof and breathable function, the balance of internal and external air pressure, to eliminate negative pressure, to prevent the absorption of water vapor, to ensure the internal drying lamps. This kind of economical and effective waterproof device can improve the waterproof ability of the original structure design. But the ventilator is not suitable to bury the lamp, Outdoor LED Fixtures the underwater lamp and so on often soaks the water the lamp.

The long-term stability of the waterproof structure of the luminaire is closely related to its design, the performance of the selected lamp material, the machining accuracy and the assembling technology. If the weak link appears deformation and seepage, the LED and electronic devices will cause irreversible damage, and this situation in the factory inspection process is difficult to predict, with sudden. Therefore, to improve the reliability of structural waterproof lamps, we need to continue to improve waterproof technology.

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