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Outdoor LED Fixtures Working Environment

Outdoor lighting designers must consider the working environment of outdoor LED lamps

LED outdoor lighting Because of the work environment is more complex, by temperature, ultraviolet, humidity, rain day rain, dust, chemical gas and other natural conditions, Outdoor LED Fixtures the impact of a long time, will be caused by LED light failure serious problems. As a result, outdoor lighting designers should consider the impact of these external environmental factors on LED outdoor lighting in the design.

Second, outdoor LED lighting in the selection of thermal materials should pay attention to matters

Shell and radiator design as a whole, Outdoor LED Fixtures to solve the problem of LED heating, this method is better, generally choose aluminum or aluminum alloy, copper or copper alloy, as well as other alloys with good heat conduction. The heat dissipation has air convection, heat dissipation and heat pipe cooling, (jet cooling is a kind of heat pipe, but the structure is more complex.) )

Choose what kind of heat dissipation method, the cost of the lamp has a direct impact, should be considered comprehensively, and design products supporting the selection of the best solution.

The design selection of lampshade is also very important, at present, the use of transparent plexiglass, PC materials, and so on, the traditional shade is transparent glass products, exactly what kind of material to choose the lampshade with the design of the product grade positioning, in general, outdoor lamp lampshade is the best traditional glass products, it is to manufacture long life, Outdoor LED Fixtures high-grade lamps the best choice. Using transparent plastic, plexiglass and other materials made of lampshade, do indoor lamp lampshade better, for outdoor life is limited, because outdoor sunshine, ultraviolet rays, dust, chemical gas, diurnal temperature changes and other factors make the lamp shade aging Life less short, followed by pollution is not easy to clean up, so that the opacity of the shade to reduce the impact of light output.

At present, the domestic production of LED lamps (mainly street lamps) are mostly the use of 1W led multiple strings, parallel to the assembly, this method of thermal resistance than advanced packaging technology products high, not easy to create high-quality lamps. Outdoor LED Fixtures Or the use of 30W, 50W or even larger modules for assembly to achieve the required power, these led packaging materials useful epoxy encapsulation, useful silicone packaging. The difference between the two is: Epoxy resin packaging temperature is poor, long time to aging. Silicone packaging is good temperature resistance, use should pay attention to choice.

The use of multiple chip and radiator overall package is better, or the use of aluminum substrate chip packaging and then through phase change material or thermal grease and radiator phase, the product thermal resistance than with the LED device assembled products heat resistance to less than one to heat resistance, more conducive to heat dissipation. The use of LED module lamps, modular substrate is generally copper plate, it with the external radiator connection to use a good phase change material, Outdoor LED Fixtures or good thermal grease, to ensure that the copper substrate heat can be transmitted to the radiator in a timely manner, such as bad treatment is easy to make the thermal accumulation module chip temperature rise too high, affect the normal work of LED chip. I think: multi-chip packaging suitable for the manufacture of general lighting, modular packaging suitable for space-limited occasions to make compact LED lamps (such as automotive main lighting headlights, etc.).

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