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Select LED Flood Light Need To Focus On The Nine Performance

1, different degrees of brightness, brightness, the prices are different. For lamp shall conform to the laser class I level standard.

2, antistatic antistatic ability, long life and high prices. Normally used in lighting antistatic than 700V.

3, wavelength, wavelengths, same color, same color if required, higher prices. No spectrophotometer instrument manufacturers is difficult to produce color products.

4, leakage current is a one-way conduction of luminous, if there is a reverse current, it is called leakage, leakage current, short life, low prices.

5, its beam angle, beam angle for different purposes are different. Special angle, the higher the price. Such as the scattering angle, the higher the price.

6, life quality is the key to life, life determined by the light failure. Lumen maintenance, long life, long life, high price.

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