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Street Lights To Accompany Our Lives

The street light is an integral part of our lives, and it disperses for us the darkness of the night that brings us light, the "fellow man" who accompanied us home at night. Street lights rely on light as the source of power to achieve an independent street lighting. As the street lighting with intelligent automatic lighting, in order to ensure the quality of road lighting in the installation of street lights, street lighting manufacturers how to configure the controller in order to achieve good road lighting it?

In order to ensure the normal operation of the entire street lighting system, the controller should be under any conditions to ensure that the battery components are not over-charging or voting, and damaged, and at the same time control, control, voice control, temperature compensation and lightning protection , Reverse polarity protection. In addition, the controller is responsible for monitoring the charging status of the battery module, managing the charging process including opening and closing the load, so as to make the battery components fully utilize the energy and prolong the service life. The controller can be configured to limit the charging voltage to prevent overcharge of the battery module, turn off the load to prevent discharge, the controller can prevent the current is too large, the temperature is too high, the controller can automatically turn on / off the load or component. Over-voltage, load can turn off the load.

Due to the controller's non-contact control technology, advanced control functions, automatic switching of loads is particularly suitable for street and photovoltaic control, and has a variety of protection features. Therefore, the installation of street lamps manufacturers only reasonable allocation of controller in order to achieve good road lighting.

Shanghai Ceyuan Industrial (SCI) Ltd. 

ADD: Room 901, No.20, Lane777, West Guangfu Road, Putuo District, Shanghai,China.

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Contact: Ellie Wang
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Mobile: +8618042017693
FAX: +86-573-82753302

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