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Study On Application Of LED Lighting In Road Tunnels

Underground structures in the highway tunnel is a highway structure, different from the outside bright road. Traffic inside the cave during the day, due to the collapse in brightness, forming one's vision reflects the lag "black hole effect", it is difficult to determine conditions inside the cave and when a vehicle pulled out of the tunnel, forming a "white hole" effect, causing intense glare.

Night and day is just the opposite. This due to the large brightness differences inside and outside the cave, enter into or pulled out of the tunnel, the human eye needs time, "Adaptive delay." In order to resolve the tunnel entrance brightness from light to dark or dark to Visual adaptation process ming, so that drivers can clearly identify the goal or object on the pavement inside the cave, removing Visual and psychological barriers, do not affect traffic safety. Code for design of highway tunnel (JTGD70-2004) rules: length of >100m tunnel lighting should be set. Road tunnel lighting is the quality of the Visual environment in order to create a good working inside the cave, to ensure day and night driving safely at a designed speed of vehicles approaching and through a tunnel.

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